Blue Laced Gold

Blue Laced Gold is one of the rarest colours of the Wyandotte in Australia. The lacing  is a beautiful blue colour, contrasted against the ground colour of a rich gold-bay. Due to the nature of the Blue colour, offspring from this variety have 3 different lacing colours, being blue, black, and a splashed white (called Splash), which makes for a wonderful flock of beautifully coloured chooks.

Mating two blue laced birds together will give;25% Gold Laced Offspring
50% BLue Laced Offspring
25% Splash Laced Offspring
So from two BLG’s you get a range of colour variations. One pen can give 3 quite distinctly different varieties.

Here’s some Gold Laced Pullets, I have breeding with the Splash Blue Laced Gold Rooster (below). Which produces 100% of  Blue Laced Gold chicks.



  1. Where could I get one of the blue laced gold wyandottr hen. They are so pretty

  2. Can you advise me of any reputable breeders of blue laced gold or blue laced red bantams?

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